Project Description

In PLASTICOS PROANCO we build different purification equipment depending on the needs of our customers, for solid and liquid waste and for different sectors, Industrial, Residential, Recreativo … etc.

Septic tanks are units of primary water treatment ,where the separation and physical-chemical transformation of the solid matter is carried out. This is an inexpensive and simple way to treat water.

First, the decantation of the solids, the suspension of the floating particles and the control or reduction of the speed of entry of the water.

Second, the clarification of water after digestion or fermentation by anaerobic bacteria.


This is a biological wastewater purification system, where oxidation is carried out by circulating the water through a medium (percolator filter), air and waste water. The air circulation happens naturally because of the difference in temperature of air and water. When heating or cooling the air inside the bed there is a variation of density, which causes the air to circulate.

The biological filter complements the purification of waste water from the septic tank.


The equipment consists of two compartments:

In the first or biological reactor, the decomposition of organic matter occurs thanks to the extraordinary contribution of oxygen through blowers and the combined action of aerobic microorganisms.

In the second or decanter, the separation of the sludge and water takes place. By gravity, the sludge falls to the bottom of the decanter, where it is recirculated back to the biological reactor through a submersible pump.


Sludge thickeners / decanters are essential in urban and industrial wastewater treatment. This is where the processes of concentration and thickening of sludge, decantation and reduction of solids take place. These have first been produced by a physical sedimentation of the decantable products present in the wastewater. The separation of these sludges allows reducing the operating costs of the purification station.


Fat separators are essential elements for treating water which is loaded with vegetable and / or animal fats.

The installation of a fat separator is necessary for the treatment of water in restaurants, hotels, campsites, community areas, …


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