Company details

PLASTICOS PROANCO S.A. is a company which has been providing anticorrosive solutions for the industry in its different sectors  for more than 30 years  through the use of the following materials:

Polyester reinforced with fiberglass (PRFV-FRP-GRP)

Thermoplastics Frets or Dual Laminates (PP + FRP / PEHD + FRP / PVDF + FRP / PVC + FRP / ECTFE + FRP)

Thermoplastic (PP / PEHD / PVDF / PVC / PVC-C / ECTFE)

Currently the company is structured in two large areas of activity.

On the one hand, design, manufacture and assembly of process equipment, tanks and tanks, custom parts, piping systems and industrial coatings.

And on the other hand, both preventive and corrective industrial maintenance.

We have a plant of  over 2300 square metres located in Guarnizo – Cantabria, which possesses the necessary machinery and qualified personnel.

Quality and Experience

More than 30 years designing, manufacturing and assembling solutions in fiberglass reinforced polyester, dual laminates and thermoplastics for the industry in its different sectors

The purpose of PLASTICOS PROANCO, S.A., is to manufacture and install parts and components of plastic materials that will meet the expectations and needs of customers, as well as the company’s own objectives.

As a fundamental part of this achievement in the objectives, the Management of PLASTICOS PROANCO, S.A. considers it essential, and undertakes to carry out, the implementation of a Quality Management System, which defines and reflects the organization of all factors which affect the quality of their products.


Industrial Solutions and Services
Our mission is to provide industrial solutions and services that generate value for our customers. To this end we carry out our work with a vocation of customer service, aiming at excellence and the most demanding quality and safety.


Services and Quality Solutions
We provide a solid support for our customers, by offering products, services and quality solutions that guarantee the perfect functioning of their facilities. We seek markets and segments that add continued value to our organization.


Quality and Satisfaction
Our commitment is based on the quality of our products and services in order to obtain the satisfaction and tranquility of the client and with an aim to build a solid and lasting framework of trust in the long term.

Reference Customers