Project Description

We manufacture and install PRFV / FRP polyester tubing, fittings and butterfly valves and in dual laminates or PVC / PVC-C / PVDF / PPH / PEHD charcoal thermoplastics of different diameters and thicknesses according to the needs of each project.

We have the following accessories in different diameters, Fixed flanges, Crazy flanges, elbows at 45º and 90º, Teses with equal sides, with uneven diameters and different advancements, concentric and eccentric reductions either for butt welding or flanged, Which allows pipes to be assembled together, to place valves, meters, displays … etc.

We follow dimensions according to DIN, ANSI, AWWA or according to the specifications given by the customer.


We make on-site installations and prefabricate pipes in different thermoplastic materials. In order to be able to choose the appropriate material it is necessary to know the type of fluid, the temperature and the operating pressure.

We have machinery for welding tope, socket and thermofusion in small and large diameters according to needs.

Once the installation is finished, pressure tests are carried out to check its tightness according to the DVS-2210-1 standard. (Industrial pipelines made of thermoplastics).

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