Project Description

We create anticorrosive coatings for equipment, tanks, pits, vats, metal structures, pesebrones, etc.

The great variety of chemicals that are used in the different industrial processes, and the diverse conditions in which they are found, means there is no product that is suitable for all cases.

Depending on the type of product and its temperature, two types of solutions can be provided:

  • Application of FRP polyester coatings based on epoxy vinylester resin
  • Coating application with thermoplastic liner PVC, PP, PVDF

In both cases The usual surfaces of application are in traditional materials such as concrete, steel and wood, which do not possess suitable qualities to support the presence of corrosive chemicals.

In many cases we can repair the existing coatings that are in poor condition for different reasons, wear etching, cracks, pores … etc.

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