Project Description

As a composite material, fiberglass reinforced polyester (FRP – PRFV) obtains its properties from the combination of the base materials that make it up:

  • Matrix, stable thermosettable polymer resin, which provides resistance to corrosion
  • Reinforcement, fiber of an organic or inorganic origin, that provides its mechanical resistance

The type of reinforcement used is fiberglass, due to its high mechanical properties and low cost. There is much more variety available when selecting a matrix (resin),because of the countless possible combinations of composition, concentration, temperature, pH, etc.

Polymerization at temperature and ambient pressure is common to all these resin families by the use of a convenient catalytic system.

The basic composition of an FRP laminate is formed by the following elements:

  • Gel coat, pure resin coating responsible for a fine finish on the surface in contact with the mold
  • Chemical barrier, high resin layer offering chemical protection against corrosion
  • Structural wall, high fiber layer responsible for strength and rigidity
  • Termination, high resin layer responsible for chemical protection against the weather