Project Description

The effects of corrosion can be especially critical and the solution is to protect these laminates by the inclusion of a material in contact with the fluid of greater chemical resistance. This creates a dual composite, formed by a liner in contact with the fluid reinforced by an FRP laminate.

Advantages of using a dual composite on unreinforced thermoplastic material:

  • The possibility of operating at higher pressures / temperatures
  • The set is less brittle at low temperatures
  • The distance between supports is considerably higher (in the case of pipes)
  • The thermoplastic liner is protected against ambient and U.V.

Advantages of using a dual composite on the FRP material without liner:

  • Higer resistance to corrosion and abrasion
  • The material that provides the mechanical resistance (FRP) is isolated from the corrosive medium by the liner

The materials used as liner are thermoplastic but depending on the characteristics of the application may be of a different type.